Webinar - COVID-19 Vaccines


The coronavirus has had a profound impact on nearly every school and every community across the country and the world. Its effect is radically re-shaping how we envision school life. Kaiser Permanente Thriving Schools is here to support you.

We are offering a webinar series focused on supporting the comprehensive health needs of students, educators, school staff, and the entire education community, as we navigate the impact of COVID 19. Join us and get information on how to navigate this new normal.

Webinar: COVID-19 Vaccines: Focus on the Education Community

You’ll learn about:

  • COVID-19 vaccines —Clinical information around development and safety of vaccines

  • Focus on Your Questions —Frequently asked questions related to related to public and clinical

health of COVID-19 and the school community

Note: This webinar will not cover vaccine distribution for school districts and employees.

From presenters:

  • Deb Friesen, MD, MBA, FACP, Physician Advisor

  • Annie Reed, DrPH, MPP, National Director of Thriving Schools

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